How do I make a collab?


I really want to know how to make a collab. Does anyone know how? Is it on the forum or normal hopscotch? And I've heard you have to tell the person privately the password to another acount but what if you don't know the person? How would you tell them without everyone else on hopscotch or the forum knowing the password? Sorry for the large amount of questions :grimacing::smile:
Thank you
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It is very fun! You just make a topic with some details and people will join!


On the forum? Or on a hopscotch acount?


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Either, but it's easier to keep track of if you do it on the forums.


There are many collabs. To be in one, you have to have confirmination with whos in it. For example, you can make a topic asking to collab and those that want to will say yes. After that, you and the others have a choice on how to collab. You can make a collab account, but if you do you have to share the password with the others. But be careful, there may be hackers if they get ahold of the password. Or instead, you can start on ideas and then have everyone remix a project you started adding things to it. You can talk to the others in the collab on the forum. Collabs are mostly done on HS.

Hope this helps :D


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