How do I make a clone?


Whenever I make a clone, it makes 1 copy, and then no longer makes any more. Please help!


You have to use a repeat or repeat forever block.


@sophia71205 is right.


That is what i tried, but kt didnt work


Do you have a screeenshot of the code? Also, if it just stays in one place, it will seem like one.


Have you tried using a set position block? That is how you place it were you want.


No, i tried making it change x and y and then create another clone


It is probably becaue you can only see one clone. Try this:
When Object Is Cloned
Set Position To Random 0-Width and 0-Height
Then you should see all the Clones.


You also can't create a clone in a "When object is cloned" block



Ohhhh! Your clones are all going to the same spot! You need to have them randomly change their position. Also, changing an Objects position by one is badly bringing it forward. Try moving it farther.


No, for me they need to be in the same spot. I, trying to make something 3D


This may help (it's not myne)


@Ziggy_Developer, you can change your repeat times, your original x and y position (the first addends in the x and y), and the size. (PS- it would not work with self)


The reason you don't see the clones is that they appear in the exact same spot. To prove that there actually are more than on clone, try "when object is cloned, set position to (a random position)".


We are all saying exactly the same thing!:nerd:


No, did you see the picture? The text moves. As i tried rhis, I saw the text move, but no clones were being made


Yes, I know. The thing is, all clones appear where the original object was when you tapped play.


Also if you only move it over one, it barely makes a difference. You need to use a set position block. If you want to make it 3 D you can just look at that project I found on Hopscotch.


Yes you can.