How do I log out of the hopscotch app?

I am new to hopscotch and am using it with my class who are sharing with the whole school. They have created profiles and projects in the first lesson but now there doesn't seem to be anywhere to log out of their profiles. It is the old version of hopscotch but surely it shouldn't need to be updated to be able to log out.

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Tap the three little dots in the top right corner. That should options to Log out or do other things.

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Show me a screenshot of your profile. Thanks!

Hi @Jeshailess, welcome to the forum.
It depends on how old the version is of Hopscotch on their iPads.
There are some old versions where logging out was yet to exist, but the feature was introduced a while ago. Most versions running Hopscotch should have the logout feature on it.
In the current version of Hopscotch, there are three grey dots on the top right of the profile. You would then click that and then be led to options, one of them being log out.
However, it might not look the same with an old version. Is it possible for you to add a screenshot of your profile to your post? It would be helpful so we could see the version of Hopscotch you are running. You can do that by clicking the button in the top tab and then selecting a picture.

You can always email the Hopscotch Team at if you are still having trouble with logging out.


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In your profile, tap the dots and press log out!

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Which version do you have? If you have the latest version then go on your profile and click the three dots in the top right corner and click log out. If you have an older version you can't log out.


Yeah. An older version from 2015. XD

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