How do I know how long I have till I’m a regular?


Hello everyone
I’m a member. Is there any way of knowing?


Hi @JonnyGamer :joy:
I think you know how to get regular :joy:


Hey, @kullboys welcome to the forum!
To become a member, you must need to visit for at least 15 days (not consecutively, though)

That’s pretty much it, just read topics, post replies, and you are pretty much set! :ok_hand:

If you ever need any help, tag me by typing: @JonnyGamer

To become a regular, you must have visited at least 50 days. And those 50 days need to be within 100 days of your time here. You must also have less than 5 flags in the 100 days, and have read 20,000 posts. You also need to cast and receive likes, and post a few times. It’s a lot of work, but it’s very rewarding in the end!


Wait isn’t that alt yours?


No, I’m not sure who’s it is Xse?


Haha nope. Xse would start saying @Healeybot1 hows your treatment going (no offence Healeybot1)


LOL exactly. There is no treatment.

Plus, he’s banned until July 1.


True, IP as well I think


Hello @kullboys! Here are the requirements for getting Regular:

Other than knowing them, there’s not a way to see how much you have left until you get Regular.


Hi @kullboys
Hold a link: