How do I install Hopsoctch?



What took so long? this is a perfect environment to play hopscotch. I recommend copying this code #random-stuff.


I’m really sorry, but I don’t understand what your posts mean. Are they just intended to be spam?


no. it is not spam nor inappropriate or off-topic (unless if it is in the #random-stuff category)


Okay. But some are really random.


Simple! Install the app from the app store. If you can’t, just ask for help.


This was made under member.


Excuse me, but I already installed it.




It was one of my first topics, if not, my first one.


I am a member
Not sure what you are getting at


Then, why did you get a custom “Regular” badge?


That’s not a regular badge.
They won a contest, so the got a title.


But, I want that title! And change it to “Regular?! What?!??!???!??!!??!?!”


You can’t get unless you win a contest or something.
@Kiwicute2013 @BuildASnowman and @PopTart0219 used to give people titles


I will make a new topic, saying “How do I win contests”


You don’t know how to win contests?


Only contests hosted by leaders
We don’t do it on here any more because only leaders can make custom titles badges
And all the leaders are gone


It’s here!
They’re here!
Bow before them!


-1 is here
We have come


We have the same PFP as you!