How do I install Hopsoctch?



Install this, how can i install it (im a kid :expressionless:) without a consent from an adult (:woman:)


What problems are you facing? You have to download the app fromthe App Store, which probably means that you need your parent’s password to download the app. It’s always good to ask your parents, and I hope that they say yes! Hopscotch is an awesome app where you can get really creative and learn to code :slight_smile:


There is no way to bypass the password (that I know of), but I’m sure your parents would love to have you download a coding app! Just ask


Good life! people have helped me, you can not. :sob:, i wish there is the option to bypass the password :warning:.


smurfy what’s your favorite color if I may ask


Ask your parents to download the app


greetings aariv. how are you today


Are you new here?


that can be either good or bad news
am I new??


Lets not go off topic here


i understand. I am very boring to speak to.


No but we’re going off topic
We can go to my GT to talk


no way! i will get banned if i do?, ok, you dasid “if you do”, so greenish-gray


that’s good thank you ever so much


lol… Life is fun

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Use the App Store or eat the map store because the map store is a cap store so you can get your tap cores.


Eat the map store!? Why do i want to do that?


I do not know what you mean, @William4GamerA, but, if you like, i can search a topic simular to that or go to the forum’s home page, if you are searching for a similar topic.