How do I help! Can someone please help



Something is going wrong with a project I am making I made the rule when the door is taped Star Girl sets invisibility to 0 but it is still 100 I will show screenshots soon


Here are the photos


Hi @Work_kids_coding thanks for sharing the screenshots. It makes it a lot easier to see what's going on :smiley:

In Star Girl's rule, the one which has:

When ":radio_button: Money" ≠ 300
    Move forward 1000
    Set Invisibility 100

Star Girl will keep Moving Forward 1000 and Setting Invisibility to 100 the whole time while ":radio_button: Money" is not equal to 300.

If you have the value ":radio_button: Money" set to a number different to 300 most of the time, this might be the problem. If you want Star Girl to run this code only once, when ":radio_button: Money" ≠ 300 then try adding this at the bottom of the rule:

Repeat Forever
    Wait 500 milliseconds 

This way, the code Move forward 100 and Set Invisiblity to 100 will run once and then Wait Forever.

If that doesn't work or it's not the problem, let me know :smiley:


@t1_hopscotch thank you I bet that will help