How do I hack a Stop All ability?

I know there isn't a Stop all block, but is there a way to hack it? Can I stop a whole game using normal blocks?

I'm having trouble making Geometric Dash stop something...I don't think it's possible.


@CalamitousClam It is possible, you just need to use a lot of blocks to make everything stop. For instance you have a button to stop everything. When you tap it, it will set a value to 0. For the moving object, always have a repeating 'check once if (value) does not equal 0. This will mean that when you tap the button, the object will stop moving.

Here is my code for my movement of the planes in my Airport Runner project. Every time the code runs, it will check if ‘Lose’ (which is the game over screen invisibility) equals 100. So when you crash, the value ‘lose’ will be set to 100, thus meaning all the the movement will stop.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @CalamitousClam it is possible to make a Stop All ability. Here is one way of doing it:

  1. So first create a value that you want to use to tell everything to stop. I will call this example value “Stop All?”

  1. Then create a new ability. This ability will be used for every object and it will keep checking if you want everything to stop. I called it “Check Stop All”

  1. Inside the Check Stop All ability, drag a Repeat Forever and Check Once If "Stop All? = 1 inside like this picture below. What it’s doing is, it’s constantly checking if “Stop All?” = 1.

  1. Add a Repeat Forever and Set Speed to 0 inside the Check Once If like this screenshot below.

So what it’s doing is:

  • Repeat Forever, Check Once If “Stop All?” = 1 constantly checks if “Stop All?” = 1. This means when “Stop All?” = 1 it knows it will stop everything.

  • Inside that, Repeat Forever and Set Speed to 0 means stop forever. When an object’s speed is 0 then it won’t move and it will stop. You could also add a Set Invisibility to 100 under the Set Speed to 0 to make everything invisible.

  1. And use the ability “Check Stop All” at the bottom of the code for your all objects so they all keep checking to stop.

Hope this helps a little at least and feel free to ask for clarification!


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Note that setting speed will only stop movement, nothing else


There's now a Pause video that I think shows what your looking for.


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