How do i go from a new user to a regular?



I am very new to the hopscotch forum, VERY new, I started my hs forum account 2 years ago, and I completely gave up learning how to use it xD…but now I actually do want to start learning how to use it bc the community is very polite and fun to talk to, and most don’t use hopscotch because…boredom…everyone left…or just…not interested in the app itself. so I now want to learn how to go from a new user, to a regular or anything other than a new user, bc there are pros in being a regular, like replying more than twice on a topic. Can someone give me some ways to become a regular? I know you have to get on HS forum everyday, and I’m gonna do that, but what else should i do? Thank you! :3


Welcome (kinda i guess) to the forum.

Here are the requirements to get to regular: link

But before you get regular, you have to get member which is pretty similar. You should find the requirements to get member above the requirements to get regular in that link

If you can’t be bothered reading the whole link, a summary of how to get the trust levels is:

  • read a lot of posts/topics
  • be active for quite a few days
  • post a lot of posts

Yeah, that’s about it


Ok. Yeah I’m trying to get regular too. I feel you buddy


Hello :slight_smile:
Here are a great topic for learning how to get Regular:

But basically, you just need to reply a lot, read posts, like posts and be active on the forum. Keep in mind that you also can lose Regular.


Woah hi! How are you?

Here are some tips on how to be a regular, I hope you enjoy your time on the forum!


The big requirements are being a use for 100 days, and visiting at least half can of them, and then you have to maintain being on the forum for at least half of the days you have been a user total. The other one is reading 20,000 posts, there are other requirements but to me those were the two hardest