How do I get started?


I just started using hopscotch, how do I get to the coding part.


Hi welcome the forum

You can get coding by starting to watch videos on hopscotch

If you need any help just type @WinningMonkey


I'm having trouble implementing an algorithm that takes a midi, creates a markov chain, and uses it to generate random music. I have completed parsing the midi, but my method for creating markov chains is really slow. Can you give me the code for this? Thanks.


I'm super confused but I'm sure other people could help you out



I am going to give you tips:
Examine the code of the Featured projects. You might learn things.
Games take time. Be patient with yourself!
Have a plan ahead. Write down what game and format you are going to make on paper or keep them in your mind.
Use shapes instead of emojis. You can add a few emojis but not too much.
Remember to add instructions in your game if it is complex

I am no game pro. So I can't really help with the code! :sweat_smile:


Welcome @Ihaveexpectations! Tag me anytime you want help!
Just type "@KVJ"!

I suggest getting to know the blocks and interface first!


What are you using to parse the midi? In any case, creating a Markov chain in hopscotch is next to impossible because the lack of support for multi-dimensional matrices, along with changing specific values within larger variables.

What is your method of generating markov chains currently?


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Welcome to the forum! Ask @BuildASnowman to show you his MIDI tutorial!


I'm confused, are you making this with Hopscotch or .json editing?

In Hopscotch, it would take a while to code, but it gives the fastest result: put all of your "check" events into "when _=_" (or whatever the event is) loops, then place your code inside. This should help you, even though my knowledge of what Markov chains are are very minimal.


Your vocabulary is intriguing. :0



What's your Hopscotch username?
Ways you can get started is to watch the videos, or with the new update, start with the Skills tab to introduce yourself to Hopscotch! There's also a lot of levels you can try out! :smiley:
You seem to know a lot of coding concepts, so Hopscotch should be a breeze!


Lol, I have a feeling this wasn't a very genuine post since they said they just started hopscotch and already were doing json editing and markov chains, so I responded to see if they were legit. Since they have not responded yet, I think not.


I think they've already got some experience with other languages and thought Hopscotch could do stuff like that too, and wanted to know if it was possible. I don't even know what that is and I've been hopscotching for more than two years... :0


Yeah, but they said they had already successfully implemented midi parsing in Hopscotch, and a slow algorithm for markov chains, which is about as hard as it sounds.


Oh, yeah. That doesn't make sense if they're a new coder.
I guess you should just help, even if it doesn't make sense.


Welcome! Hopscotch is a drag and drop block game, all you really do is let you creativity flow!! im sure you have figured out how to create a new game, all you do now is just use logic, ideas, and be social!! Almost everyone is a noob from the start, but dont give up if you feel like you failing!! Use other peoples ideas for inspertion, and theb it will all come to gether!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: ~BWG

ps sorry for the speech. x3