How do I get rid of the spacing in unicode pixel art like MagmaPOP does?


Title says all :00010

I made this pixel art with the special slash and all that do de dotie and there is spacing in between the lines D:


@CreativeCoder lol this is exactly our problem with our Iceland, right? XD We need to be saved helped too. :D

Cool topic @AHappyCoder! I was wondering the same thing...XD
I tried looking in MP's "Shoot" but I got very confused with the slashes and stuff XD


The slashes are a unicode glitch :00101001


Ohhhh ok :D
Thanks! :D
:s0001919000 :D


I'm pretty sure he just used a different whole space Unicode character (╱)


I've done a tutorial/thingy/something where I cover this problem :D
To fix this, you need to have two objects with the same texture, and then you put one of them a tiny bit above the other, just enough to cover the space between two rows.
But when you use this method, the ╱'s get more visible. To fix this, I found that you can use a special Unicode space that has the exact width of a █. You can find it in this link, where you copy the space called "U+3000". When using this, you also have to put a dot or a very small character at the start and the end of a row. I've explained this in my Pixel Texture Pack topic.