How do I get regular fast


So how do I do it


Well you can’t really become a regular fast. You have to be on for like 50% of the days you have the account.


Here’s a link with requirements:
There are no any fast ways unless you hack a mod lol


O shoot it’s xse lmao


you can’t get regular fast, you have to have an account for 100 days, and be on half of them. there’s also many more requirements.
@Kitty4U wut?


It’s probably xse
Search him


How do you know?
I’m not attacking or defending the point, I just want to know for future reference and caution.


Why YSU is XSE or HNU
Y is the letter after X in the alphabet, he borrowed the S from Xse and the U from HNU.
This is all speculation


And all 3 names have 3 random letters


Well that is not really what I am getting at


wow, probably.


It they put that together, it’s actually kind of smart.
If only they put that intellect to use properly.


Don’t get reported 5 times


OH GOD XSE IS BACK?!?!? I h8 him


Let’s just wait and see what he does, because if not, we are just attacking a random forumer.


What if it’s a alt? Idk but I really think it’s xse


Yeah. If it is,then this is just getting annoying.


Hello xse clone
Why so many clones of weird numbers


Everyone’s making assumptions
What evidence besides the name do you have to prove?


Thank you! We need to chill out and see who it is!