How do I get regular again?


Yes I've been demoted twice so I wanna know how I can get regulaR again after being demoted.


I think you have to be on for another 50 days without getting flagged more than 5 times. It says that if you dip below the requirements, you get demoted. You can't be premoted right away, it says ther also had to be a two week time period to prevent constant demoting and promoting.


I've been flagged about ten times today.


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Yeah... So maybe stop getting flagged? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to be mean


I saw that edit :stuck_out_tongue:


They changed the flag limit to 25 :wink:




I think.


Umm... Discourse just still says 5 so I don't know!


Oh okay! I must have just made that up based off what I see somtimes I think I see something and then carry that thought with me all the time


Really, I'm so sorry for you, maybe talk less about HP


Then you'll just probably have to do all the requirements

•Re-read your post
Re read your post atleast once. After that try asking yourself questions: Would this offend anyone? Have I used proper grammar? Is this off topic?


You've Made A Lot Of Harry Potter Topics And They Got Flagged.


Yep, because they are off-topic, maybe if you make a Harry Potter project or a Harry Potter collab it wouldn't get flagged and you can still express your love for the Harry Potter movies while staying HS related:D good luck! Also re-read your posts and ask, is this going to offend anyone, is this on topic, is this mean, is this necessary?, and you'll be good to go! Hope for the best!- Crazy_cake