How do I get people to notice my games?


I usually only get like 10 plays and 4 likes on my best projects. I mean like, Hopscotch is fun and all, but I really want people to just even TRY OUT my projects that take weeks to do. I've tried everything, new features, title pages, loading screens, and pretty much everything you could think of.

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Just work hard on them and out them in the best categories.


i work as hard as i can for my age


If you want them to get noticed, nominate them for rising, featured, or trending!


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how do you do that?:tired_face:


That was the same for me too until ONE of my projects got on rising. Many people started playing it cause they can see it. Right now, I got many people noticing my stuff right now. Well not too much. :wink:


im ok at hopscotch, not the best


i just checked
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Ok, gotta go. I have math homework.


Work very hard on them! Don't give up. That is what I do and it seems to work :D


i finished it at 4 :smiley:


my math homework :yum: