How do I get noticed?


I have made some really good projects but nobody seems to notice. Help​:cold_sweat:


First, you should continue what you are doing and you will eventually get noticed by lots of Hopscotchers :D

Second, if you have a project that you worked so hard on and you think it deserves featured, tell THT here

Third, don't quit because of popularity, fame, or not getting likes. It's not worth it. Trust me.

Fourth, continue Hopscotching and never give up.

Fifth, make goals that you want to achieve in Hopscotch

Hope this helps and welcome to the forum :wink:


I am not really sure. It just happens I guess. What you could do is....
- post them on here for people
Because I check newest like all the time, so I will probably notice, and I know a lot of other people who will

Prepare for a like bomb!


You've heard it million times, Hopscotch is not about likes.

If you just keep working hard on your projects you will get there, enough great projects one will get featured, then another, THT will see you as a person to look for projects to feature from, etc and so on.


Welcome to the forum! If you do less remixes and more coding, people will see you more!


Gradually you get noticed more! If you keep working hard, I'm sure you'll be one of the most noticed people! And a recommend staying here on the forum @Gem024, you make lots of friends and forum people will notice you from here! :wink:


If you need help or ideas, the forum is a great place to ask! Also, trying out new things will help you since people notice projects that have new ideas never coded before. Finally, be nice and make friends since you can become well-known for being kind, which is just as good as being a good coder.


Welcome to the forum you need to think outside the box! And sometimes simple is better!


Thanks so much I will


For projects, think outside the box.
When I came on hopscotch, I'm pretty sure I was the first to "F4L" (my name). So then I did it lol
Then I gradually started coding, and I think I improved a lot!