How do I get my account back

Hey, So it’s been years since I used hopscotch. And I wanted to check out stuff I did years ago, yknow kind of a callback to those old stuff I made

I forgot the password… and the email I used

how do I get my account back?

(Yes, I have contacted hopscotch but they haven’t responded yet)


Welcome back!
I’m sorry you’ve been running into trouble, that’s frustrating. When did you email them? If it was sometime after Friday afternoon, its a holiday weekend in the US so the earliest reply you could get would be tomorrow (in maybe like 10-11 more hours)
Alternatively, if it’s been longer than that, you can tag the Community Manager, @/Yuanyuan, here and she’ll help you!

Meanwhile, you can use (a website) to browse instead :))



@ICodeStuff, is the problem solved?

Or should this be clived since they haven’t been on in a while?


Clive I think, they’ve been inactive for almost a year.

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^^ @Leaders

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