How do I get member?


How do I get the member badge?

This replies are getting anoying.

Does it take a while?

I really want to not half to deal with these replies this is my second day and I have had two nicd topics.

Wich apparently means ten likes on my question!!


Just stay active. It can take a couple days to a week.


Just stick around for a few days and read a bit!


A couple days is two...

So maybe tomorrow?!


I am reading the best I can!


Hello! :D

Here are the requirements for Member:

These are probably outdated tho, so just telling you!



If I do something can I get it quicker?


You've read 380+ posts. That's a great start!

A tip: in your Preferences, click the bit where it says "Consider topics new when" and change it to the haven't read option. Then try and finish all the New posts everyday!



Thanks KVJ!


No prob! Always happy to help!


As I said, it's probably outdated! :)

You're doing great so far! Just reply more, visit more, and read stuff more!

If you need help you can @ me, like this: @Sensei_Coder


Thanks @Sensei_Coder!


So how long did it take for you to get member?


It took 4 days! :D

This proves that thing I posted was outdated XD


It only took me a day. Is that weird?



I hope I get it tomorrow!!


I hope you get it tomorrow too!


Thanks EP!:blush:


No problem! I can't wait till you get it!


I want regular as well it sounds cool!