How do I get Hopscotch characters



How do you get the cars and more charecters in hopscotch


You have to pay money :wink:


Can some people flag this


Yes but there is no reason to flag it it's completely hopscotch related

Flagger!! Yeah you no flagging today undo your flag!


Has no meaning to be replied


Thank you people who flagged


Sorry I changed your title the spelling was bugging me


why unflag i do not get it no people thinks this resonable to answer so they just leave the topic


People should only flag if it is offensive, innapropriate, or spam. If you want it closed, which I don't see why, you should ask a leader.


Don't say you or this topic is stupid! It's not!

I said to stop inviting because I look at every topic anyways, and it's useless to get a notification for it.


Well if i was new more about hopscotch it will nit be a topic :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


It's not your fault you didn't know that.


I should be asking people around me not people on the internet besides one user can be a stalker:confounded::confounded:


@CreativeCoder just like i need to stop inviting you(even tho the only 10 person i know that can help men)to stuff when i could just leave the topic uninvited


If you want the free ones, scroll past the shapes. If you want a paid one, like Venus, then pay money :wink:


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