How do I get featured




Getting Featured

Great Ideas
To get on featured, you need to have a creative, innovative project unlike any ever seen.

Great Skill
The idea won't ever matter if you can't pull it off! Be creative as well in your code, because the idea alone won't be featured! You need to have the ability to work hard on your projects.

This is what matters most: kindness. Be supportive and patient while waiting for an idea, coding help, or for THT to "notice you." After all, nobody likes a rude Hopscotcher!


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That's one thing you can do...


Well I tried to make a quiz but @SmileyAlyssa finished hers before mine .-.


There are thousands of Hopscotch quizzes, don't worry about being "first!"


Well, firstly, to get featured, you can nominate projects for featured here.

But mostly, just work really hard on your projects. Make sure your projects are they best they can be before publishing. Don't remix a lot of projects unless you have made a significant coding change. And most of all, DON'T FEEL BAD THAT YOU DON'T GET FEATURED. This does not mean that you are a bad coder at all! There are a lot of people on Hopscotch, and THT can't look at all of their projects! By going to the above topic, you probably have a better chance of getting featured. (At least, that's how I got featured.)

That's all I have to say, basically, if you work hard, you'll get featured. Thanks for reading through this :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks and I like your profiepic its Temmie


You got Featured in March, but I know this topic was up before then.


Lol yeah this was like my first topic when I was bad at coding! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



You have to make something feature worthy, but more inportantly… you have to make something YOU want to make, something fun and exciting. I've never been on featured, but I try every day to make hopscotch a better place


I nominate cookie pad, by cookieswirl​:cookie::two_hearts:!


I remember this when I was negative about my coding...


I really want to be on featured but how do I get there? :thinking:


Featured projects are chosen by The Hopscotch Team. I don't know much about it, but here's a great topic:


Welcome! :D

You're going to have a blast here! Also, I love your username! It's so cool and creative. :smiley:


Thanks ! I like your username too! Thank you for the help


Thanks! You have a cool username too! Thank you for the help!


Hi you guys! Random Q.
Is a factorial calculator enough to be on featured?


What about a pixel art generator?