How do I get featured


Hey... I'm pretty upset that nothing of mine ever gets featured :crying_cat_face: So I'm asking all you "famous" hopscotches out there how do you get featured- Wookie™


I'm sure there's already a topic about this.


I would focus on making an original, well made idea! :wink:

You don't really need to be featured to be "good"! You're awesome right now! :sunglasses:


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Let's see.... Make things that people enjoy!
The hopscotch team looks at projects that they like that are fun, educational or funny. One day you will get on featured. Just make awesome projects and try out new things. That's all I gotta say for now tho. Bai


I've never been featured either, but don't worry. Featured isn't a matter between life and deatհ.


True, true. I've been featured before. But I'm embarrassed because of it now, it wasn't good. But I still agree. Features aren't between life and deat.h.


You can start by making unique projects and not remixing that much. Try making friends with people on hopscotch, compliment, like and follow:) don't start rp's (no offense just a tip) because they can clog your profile and people won't see your games and they will think all you do is chat and rp, not code;) Visit people's profiles to get ideas (but don't copy, and if you use an idea or feature in another project but don't remix make sure you say that whatever it is is originally by that person, people don't like when you don't give credit if you need to! Happy hopscotching:D - Crazy_cake on hopscotch:)


I think start small get big I just got on featured for my first time today you will get there!:wink:


You don't have to be famous to get on featured! Just ask @Huggingfluffybear! I solely agree with @Gilbert189. It's true that creativity is very important in terms of what you're saying! Although, getting on Featured doesn't matter! The important thing is, you learn from other people and improve your coding skills! I've gotten on featured before. Trust me, you wouldn't want to face spam-like attacks :sweat_smile::wink:


I have a feeling you recently started, so don't get too worked up about getting featured! It is very twmpting, and you may really want to be featured! To do this, make something fun, silly, educational, amazing, and original! If you can do those things, you'll be on your way! There is really no certain way, though!


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You're not going to get a meaningful answer that hasn't already been given in this or some other thread, @Wookie. Sorry to break the news.

More importantly, you're not going to get a guaranteed remedy. It doesn't exist. Some of the best code out there is relatively unappreciated, rarely "liked", even hardly "played". The factors that determine whether something gets "featured" or not are not set in stone. As such, they are random, a bit arbitrary and, frankly, somewhat grounded in the preferences of the Hopsctoch Team, bless their hearts. They do the best they can. And not a bad job. But, if you're in the game, looking for a guaranteed way to get "featured", while not producing the same kind of stuff - cool stuff, eye candy or just fluff - your time is probably best spent on some other activity. I hate to say it that way, but it's true. Hopscotch is not without its practical limitations. It's like everything else in life - and anything but "fair".

So, until you create something truly spectacular, you might as well get used to seeing the same people's stuff on "featured" - regardless of whether it has anything to do with code or not. You're gonna be looking at somesuchPOP's stuff and a bunch of art projects and the occasional clever game until your hair turns gray. And when you do finally create that spectacular project (not saying you haven't already), I suggest you make your peace with the fact that the project itself is its own reward. Otherwise... well... you can always go make YouTube videos and generate a following there to satisfy your natural need for a certain kind of validation. I don't blame you one bit, if you do.


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@oio Every time you type something, as long as it is, I never cease to be amazed! You are a great inspiration to many hopscotchers. It's no wonder that people look up to you!


To @Wookie
It is VERY hard getting featured but you can spend a LONG time creating a project about 2 weeks and think of a amazing idea I thought of making A game so it took me about 4 weeks and I published it and called it Smoothie maker I'd got in featured because hopscotch team PUT it there just try hard on a project
(Not trying to show of or sound mean)


You're sweet to say that. Thanks. I wouldn't say a thing, but this subject is a lot bigger than Hopscotch. It's about life and the sometimes improperly-defined rules that some are trying to impose upon it.

But you and I, we can out-smart this insidious effect. We can win by choosing to play a better game. Easy! Problem solved! No... problem vaporized! Besides, I like inventing and playing by my own rules. I'll bet you do too. Now, that's coding your life! And, for doing so, we can look-up to each other, @RenegadeBird1! :laughing:


The reason I ever got featured was that there WAS no Rising when I got featured. That was back way into 2015.


Here's a like!!:heart: