How do I get featured?



I created a game called Graffti Draw and I worked really hard on that. Please check it out. Give me some opinions and flaws or complements! Here is the link!


I'll check it out in a bit.

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Cool project! But please use my own Friendly Mass Tag List when you tag people! :slight_smile:


As @CreativeCoder, @Intellection74 and @Rawrbear said, please use the official friendly mass tag list. I already look at every topic. :wink:

Also, sorry, but I don't have any tips to share, but I like the project! :D


Sorry I am sorry don't flag me. Thank you @Rawrbear for following me and liking the project!


I even rehoped your brick project! It's amazing! :D


Thank you very much! My goal is to get the Graffiti Draw featured!

  • Graffiti Draw should be featured
  • Graffti Draw should not be featured



Maybe you can add color buttons so you can choose what colors they want to draw with???


I think Graffiti draw is good enough for rising, but not featured just yet! Just keep improvising your project! :D


Yes, I agree with @Rawrbear, maybe add colors and width.


You've already made several topics for your Graffiti Draw. I understand that you want to get it to Featured, but please keep your advertising to one topic.


Remember, there is a topic for that! It's titled Nominations for Featured

Hope that helps


I think it's great, but I also agree with @KawaiiAnimeLuver you could do different shades.


I love it!!!! It's really good. However, the combo of colors is kinda jumbled. If you keep the colors
a) hot (red, orange, yellow, pink, etc)
b) cold (green, blue, purple, etc)
c) opposite colors (yellow v.s. purple, orange v.s. blue, etc)
i think it would look better, but it's your project so you can do whatever you want. There are, in my opinion, too many colors, I think two or three different colors will do the trick. Also, I recommend somehow keeping it more together. Like, if you quickly drag your finger across, it gets kinda spacey. Like,

So ya. Lastly, try to make the bricks more...realistic. The bricks should be marroon colored and the lines should be even thinner and darker marroon to make the colors really pop. If you add different sized dark marroon specks, that would be even cooler, but be sure, if you're gonna do it, to keep them small, we don't want it clashing with the draw.
Once again, this is all just my opinion. You should do whatever you think looks best. :wink: Good luck!!


Sorry, I'm really critical, don't take any of this into offense, I'm just kinda shout it out before I think about what I said.:grin:


How happy that your friend pixel helpped... Your welcome, but I thought helping would make me fell better :T, well guess I might never know and congrats to you for RawBear's following and liking it, you might be one of the peopl who shape the future today don't forget me that "I" helped you and when I die ( in hopscotch ) tell my heroizum :expressionless::gun:... :skull_crossbones:...............………… I'm good Jk just wanted to see how far you would believe me leaving soon, but I'll always be there not in their :heart:️ But here need me leave a reply to a topic, my topic proffered where you got your idea, You'll do a great impact on this community.


I like the project! It's really good!:smile:


Yes, I really liked the project!
To get on featured, I would suggest for you to add more detail to the background...
Hold it... Go against what I just said and make a background selection!
So the player will choose its favorite background, and that background will determine what colors they will use...
For example : Me:Ooh I like this grey stone wall! taps the grey stone wall Oh that color combination looks great with the background! draws with purple and blue Best graffiti draw! Deffinitley featured worthy! I'm gonna spam like this now!
And yes, I will do that...:wink: