How do I get a picture on my posts?


I have seen so many posts with pictures. I really want to know how to do that. So please reply, as soon as you can! Thank you!

Ps. How do I get my topic to be not 'help'
If you know any of these answers please awsers soon. Thank you!


You can't get your topic to be not "help" unless you're a certain trust level

  1. Take a screenshot or whatever
  2. While making a reply or post, press the button that looks like this: :outbox_tray:
  3. Tap "Choose files" next to "From My Device"


Ok!!!!!! Sounds easy! I will try it out.


Like what? Like you mean age? What do you mean!?


No no no a trust level is like a regular editor stuff like that


Huh???????? That is what?


Notice how some people are leaders, regulars, basics, editors, you need a high trust level to do Lounge


oh! That is a lot more sence! So, I lost my other account in the hopscotch fourm, so if I get one more basic, I can choose other stuff besides help


Wait! How do you get a basic anyway?


When you join? I dunno ask someone else about that it way too complicated for me to know sorry


It is totally ok! I got the questions I needed to be awnsered.



Good Luck On The Forum!


That is easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm regular so I can use lounge


What is 'Louge'
Is that a teachers lounge?


No. That would be so weird it's diff.


Diff is different right


Only people with trust level regular or higher get it


Oh, that is cool. I have basic. Not reagular