How do I get a moving picture?


How do I get the moving backgrounds? For my character pictyre


What do you mean?
A gif? Do you mean a picture that's moving?


Hang on, i will get you the tutorial link...


Yes the gif moving picture


I'm on my school iPad I can't have youtube


Just save is in your photos like other pictures and upload it here!

Link to a gif website:


Its not youtube its a topic on the forum...


Sorry then thanks


I don't think you can put gifs in projects of that is what you are asking.


Sorry, my pasting isnt working. But search "how to put gifs into forum posts" and it should come up.
EDIT: oh u were trying to make it a profile pic... Idk how to do that.


I did it thanks I just got my gif


You figured it out. :D I can make gifs that are just a few images. Like this
^old profile picture.