How do I fix this?

So I need help

How do I get back the new topics?


You've seen them all.


You can't. :confused:

@Petrichor not necessarily, there is a button that says Dismiss New and clears the New page.


But it says go to preferences to change it see?

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Oh let me see

I know. I've used it.

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Do you know how to fix it?

In preferences it changes the new indicator next to new topics.

Can you show me a screenshot?

In preferences you can change the new topics you see. You can change it to what you feel you want to see, which is why it appears. Your screen doesn't have any new topics because there aren't any new ones at the moment. :D

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I think I accidentally hit Dismiss new, can any come back?

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I dont think so, but i could be wrong.

Thanks for the help!

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You're welcome!

Oh, I see. I've done the same thing.

Sadly, no. There's really no way you can get them back. However, you can dig around in the "latest" tab to try to find them, they will have a "new" icon next to them.

Ah, thanks for the input and help though.

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@Liza @Rodrigo do you guys know?

I know you1) you've read them all
2) you need to go to preferences and new topics and consider new topics new when I haven't read them!

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