How do I draw with sharpies?


I need a tutorial to draw with sharpies.


And anyone who can help :wink:


I usually outline and make pictures look like they pop out with sharpies and then color them with colored pencils or crayons. But, here are some tutorials on how to draw pictures with sharpies (and other materials):

How to draw an eye with sharpies:

How to draw an owl with sharpies:

How to draw a penguin using sharpies:

How to draw a geometric fox face:


I like this idea, and I can't EVER draw with sharpies, but how will this be Hopscotch related?:sweat_smile:


This isn't hopscotch related, but I'll give you an answer :wink: Next time, create hopscotch related topics

Sharpies expand a bit when you draw with them, always keep that in mind.

Before using sharpies, always have a sketch of what you are drawing in pencil. That way, you can fix mistakes

If you want your art to pop, use all sharpies. If you want it to look nice, I suggest Artist Loft or Copic markers, they are amazing, don't bleed too much, and blend amazingly.

I hoped this helped!


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