How do I draw over an object?



Hey, this relates to one of the other topics I made on the forum, my Easter egg project too(that I haven't published yet). (For Easter). I have a circle that is already on the screen, and I am trying to find a way to draw over the circle/egg. This will probably be one of those projects that ends up getting overlooked, that no one ever sees, but I am trying to make it as perfect as possible. Someone please help because if I can't draw, I will have to deal with a simple squiggle instead of cool zig-zaggy lines.


You can't :/


Sadly, you can't. :persevere:


If the circle doesnt have to move, just replace it with a leave a trail dotard as long as that is drawn first, you can draw over it


It's not possible sadly D:


Sadly, you can't unless you replace the circle/egg with one made using Leave A Trail or you draw with clones. If you drew with clones, however, the drawing may look like it was made with a bunch of dots,


Sadly that's impossible :frowning: I know it stinks


You can use • objects (using clones) to draw over them.
Set Position to X (Value) Y (Other Value)


It's not really possible... Sorry! I wouldn't say no mood subtle because a GIRL DOES NOT KNOW SUCH A WORD.


Oh darn it. I guess I could just replace it with a leave a trail. Then it would actually be (more-or-less!) egg shaped. Thanks @Paydent12


Drawings are always on the bottom layer! :confused: