How do I delete a posted project?


How do I delete a posted project on hopscotch if I can and if I can't if any hopscotch official is reading this pls add in that feature


You simply click the 3 dots, and then you should see a unpublish button!


Welcome to the forum!


Thank you I had no idea on how to delete something xD


Was there a new update or something? What are those things in the side of the iPad screen?


It's probably a third party app. :wink:




Lol all the popular coders are replying


Then, it goes back into drafts. Press on the project and you should see a little x appear. Tap it.


Popular people respond more often on the forums than on Hopscotch, because we don't have to make chatrooms! :wink:


Yeah! We can't exactly chat on Hopscotch, especially people with a lot of followers, so we have to talk on here and it's way better! I will talk to anyone on here!


Thank you so much, I never really knew how do to do this