How do I deal with silly internet drama


I have online friends
They are really rude and self absorbed
They call me names like weird stupid rude gay random and I don't appreciate it
I wanna stay friends with them but they hate each other and I am forced to stand up for one of them or she'll call me a bad friend but I rly don't care about her drama
And I wanna be in here more because you guys are actually nice but their useless drama takes up so much time that I can barely be on until she goes to bed
They judge me for liking memes and they call me sensitive because I don't want them calling me names
I wanna stay their friends but they make me so sad and they have so much drama that I want to hate them but I can't....
I need help


Leave them. It may be hard, but find friends that are better.


Have you tried telling them both how you feel?


But they'll spread rumors about me and tell people to block me and report me because they're nasty friends


I can't because they'll call me a bad friends and a bully


How do you know that as a fact?


If they're good friends, they'll understand.

And who cares if someone doesn't like you? Online bullying is easy to ignore, trust me.


Because they ALWAYS do that when I stand up for myself


Not worth it. They are the bad friend.


Are they good friends? Why do you stay with them if they're mean to you?


Well, then tell them how you feel. Then, if they are still mean, then just leave.


Because sometimes they are nice and they make me stuff and let me in their collabs


Still. Don't trust a two faced person.


they also make fun of me for likin Melanie Martinez


Only sometimes?

There are plenty of other people who can collab with you too, it doesn't have to be these specific people.


Not MM!


Wait who are these guys


But the collabs can make em more popular on YouTube and nobody else lets me in their collabs


Not worth it


But why does popularity matter?