How do I create a game


I just started hopscotch and don't know how to start my game


Hi and welcome to the forum Do you mean like start coding a game?


you should get to know how to use the blocks before you make something hard like a game!


Yes try to start by trying one of the Videos made by the Hopstoch team.


I know how to code but I can't find where you start a game


Ok if you want to start from scratch tap the plus button and tap Black Project.
Also what is your username?


In your profile, press "Create"


When you go into the app, there is a little + sign at the bottom of the screen. Simply click this and choose a template or start from scratch. Hope this helps!


So once you go into hopscotch there will be a plus sign so tap that.

Once you tap that you will be able to pick a peoject where it teaches you how to create what its called.` So pick one like the blank project where it doesn't have a video. Once you open a blank project you can add anything you want but if its a one with a video it will tell you what to do. So tap that plus button to add stuff. You can pick an object or a character. Scroll down to see the rest of the objects and see characters. There are paid ones but you don't have to get them and you can pull out a text object. A text object you can type something in or put emojis in and use it for something like a game. Once you pull out a character or object it will look like this. If you use a text object it will look like what you typed in unless you tap cancel while in the text object. Tap play and it will look like this. You can edit it again by tapping the edit button and add anything else you want to add. Check out my channel for tutorials. Link:


You find an idea that you like (you have to want to make it otherwise it's not fun to make it), then you jump right in! start by making the simple ideas in you game e.g background,characters etc, then add the more important things like controls,changing scenes, etc and then add things like lives,score, "you lose" and "you win" screens
any more questions?


Precisely. I think he has an idea, AHappyCoder :wink::sunglasses:


That is what mine looks like


Oh. Do you have an iPad?


No plus sign that is why I am cofuzed


I have an iPod not an iPad


You need to use an iPad to make games, sorry :cry::cry::cry:


You can only play games on the iPhone app. But an update is going to release soon enough where you can make games on an iPhone, too! Until then, sorry! :confused:


Ok thanks for your help 🙁:cry::unamused::disappointed::relieved:


Atlas the I can still play games


Its okay there working on it so that you can make games on iPods and iPhones.