How do I create a coding tutorial?


I want to create coding tutorials.Unfornately,I don’t.I need some help,please.


Do you want to make it a video or a series of pictures with steps?


Like @Madi_Hopscotch_ asked, what kind of tutorial do you want to create?


Just take pictures, maybe edit them in the standard apple camera, or an entire new picture editing app and add text?


Hmm…a picture tutorial.


Do you put the pictures like this?



Yeah, but where exactly do you want to post the tutorial? Here on the Forum or on the Hopscotch App?


Wait,can you put a tutorial on the app?!


Yeah. Give me a moment to link some examples. :)


Learning challenge:

Interactive tutorial:

Just some ideas


Oh.Never seen one in the featured


And by the way,in the hopscotch forum


All you need to know is just how to post pictures of screenshots as you cannot post videos here.

For every step, upload a picture of the code you are making; for example if you are making a simple tapper game, for step 1 post a screenshot of the code you’re going to start with, like When Game starts set size 400 and post a screenshot. You don’t have to post a picture for every one line of code unless it’s a beginner’s tutorial!

How to take a screenshot

Since Hopscotch is only available on iOS devices, you just have to press the home and power button simultaneously and check your Gallery.

Hope this helps, @Aariv!