How do I close a topic?


How do I close a topic?
I searched it up but I could not find it:joy:


You half to be a leader like @t1_hopscotch you a
Earn badges like regular leader and more here is more info about it


By the way welcome to the forum!


Thanks it is my second day on here well I am known on hopscotch more because I have been on there science 2014 ! Btw I have seen you on hopscotch...have you seen me?
I'm just wondering because I want to know if I'm very popular or just a little!


What's your hopscotch username and I do not think I am popular at all and by the way it's very hard to get leader I have regular! Only a couple people have leader!


Oh I meant become a member!
And my hopscotch username is the same as mine right now!


I forget about member that was a long time ago!


Ok thanks anyway!
And check me out on hopscotch !


I will check you out!

From your furry friend - huggingfluffybear


At the time, only leaders can close topics. Sorry for the inconvenience


Thanks for the info?


omg! @happy12345678910 i just realized who you are! do u remember me from hopscotch??? welcome to the forums!


Lol I know you too!!!
Hahah I'm still laughing because you just resized!:joy_cat::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
Oh and do I follow you on hopscotch? If not please let me know so I can start following you!


WAIT?? I have seen you too! I followed you a long time ago, your one of my most active following person!


Thank you! I feel so honoured !! And I think I follow you too because I love your projects:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: yep I love your projects a lot! I wish I could code like you,,,:blush:


Thanks! Keep going and you will get there!


:blush: thank you very much