How do I Clone something a few times and all the clones can stay in the same spot even with last touches inclusive?


MagmaPOP’s Ak47 game was a perfect example (if you remember it) the gun was cloned and each individual clone moved accordingly with last touch x’s and y’s but the actual cloned positional radius stayed the same. How do I do this?

If I made myself unclear:
I coded these clones:

And this was the code:

And then I add the last touch X and y bit and it goes bizarre.

If you are STILL confused, think of madi’s interactive bear. Clone the objects, and the clones are still at where they should be and are still moving accordingly with last touch X and y.
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@OMTL any of you guys know?


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Can i have a link?


What you see is rubbish. You can remove the cloning and place the repeat forever set position in game starts and see how it is supposed to act individually as not a clone.



I didn’t have time to look through the code images above but if I understood your question correctly, you just need to include an offset x & offset y in the Set Position

  • Make 2 object variables; Offset X and Offset Y
  • When the game starts and the clones are created, give each clone a unique (self) Offset X & Y value. These values give the clones their appropriate spacing relative to one another
  • Then Set Position x (Last Touch X + (self) Offset X) …and the same for Y

Note: make sure to set and reference (self) not (object) for the variables


Thanks, I’ll try this tomorrow it’s very late here and I can’t concentrate.