How do I clear space


Hi I don't wanna delete Hopscotch but I seriously need space on my iPad but idk how to get space and I don't wanna delete musically or Instagram or hopscotch or the games I have because I play those without wifi and there's big achievements there and my apps don't wanna clean themselves rn and I've already cleared my Instagram search and musically cache idk what else to do other then delete apps and re download them


And insta doesn't even take up a bunch of space so I don't wanna delete it


Delete photos? Idk that always holds a lot of space for me.


Don't delete insta

Don't do it


I have over 1k photos and more than half of the, are of nicki minaj for edits and Instagram photos


delete apps you dont use


You could always save them to a computer or laptop to save them. And you can go on Insta on those so you could post from a computer or laptop if you have one.


I don't use a bunch of apps but I can't delete hem because they're games and my family has made big accomplishments in them


Should I just email them to myself and save them from my email when I wanna use them


then talk to your family about apps they dont use


You could do that to.


It's gonna be a big email lel
Or I could just delete my musically privates


You can try deleting photos, memes and gifs that you can easily access on apps such as Instagram??

You can also delete the history of what websites you have been on to make space on your device??


I have deleted photos before, and it gives me a tiny amount of space. I wish I had more gigabytes.
I only have 12.03 on my whole iPad.
I rly don't wanna delete some photos but if I have to I'll email them to myself but it probs won't do much
I will just turn off wifi when I turn off my device so the apps don't take up space


Press and hold the draft, then press the X. Deletion simplified in Hopscotch..


I have too many drafts to do that


See? Then delete those unnecessary drafts!


Or log out and then only use the drafts you absolutely need.


Sometimes when I clear space more space gets taken up


Go into the Settings app. Tap on General>Storage & iCloud Usage. See how much available storage space you have.

Then go into the iTunes Store. Find a movie that is larger than the available space on your device. Scroll down on the movie description. Under the Information section, look under Size (This part is very important, be careful here). For example, if you have 1 GB available on your device, a movie that is 2 GB will work.

Tap on the Rent Movie button. If there is a pop-up asking you if you would like to watch it, or download it, choose Download. It will try and download the movie, however, as you do not as enough available space it will fail. It should result in a pop-up.

Tap on the Settings button on the pop-up and go back to Storage and iCloud Usage. Some space in your device should have been cleared. Repeat this process multiple times (make sure the movie file is still larger than your current available space! Remember this).

Also, this does not charge you for renting the movie.

Here's a video plus a bunch of other methods: