How do I change your avatar


How do you change your avatar to a character that you can put in you project:anguished:


Hi @Puppyking689! When you say a character you can put in your project I assume you mean Stargirl, Cosmic Cody, etc. Unfortunately you used to be able to in the last update, then you could only choose between those characters, but in the new the Hopscotch Team to away the 'characters you can put in your projects' and replaced them with the new ones. Many people want them back and I'm sure the Hopscotch Team are probably intending to. You could email them to ask. @Ian, @Liza, can you throw any light onto this?


Yeah what he said. So after the update the people who have not changed their profile pictures are the only ones that will still have it unless you ask the Hopscotch Team. Nobody I know of has asked the Hopscotch Team yet so they may or may not change it for you.