How do I change this?


So my teacher thinks hopscotch is a game for some reason and she is going to change her mind but there's a problem I don't know my password! When I put it in It didn't work and email is useless because my school changed I can't stop now I did so much I even did my first pixel art on it please tell if I can change my password some how without using email thanks!


You can't without an email, but you can contact THT and say you've lost your password for your account and you can't use your email!
When I did that with an extra account, I could reset my password!


Email THT and ask them to change it!!


Well how do I email the hopscotch team?


Create an email?


Actually, you can sign up without an email. Though, it's helpful if you forget your pass.


They said if they could recover their password without an email!


And how do I do that with a school iPad?


Did you read what we or talking about


Unless you email THT.
Which is what you were talking about so...


So how do I email THT?


Ask your Mom or Dad to email them, or create a throwaway email (which would only work temporarily).


I dunno…


Hi there @ValueGamesStudio!

If you have access to a browser


It's safe xE

Then keep phone number empty and your current email empty

Create it and then go to■■■■■/about/

Then, hit a little button that looks like send at type ""

And then send with your problem!

Hope this helps and hope you get your account back!


Just email They'll recover your account's password for you, even if you didn't sign up with an email. :slight_smile:


I wish that would work with pre password accounts. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks guys I try I said try try try try try tryLOL


You can click on the link. It'll start an empty draft. :smile:


Hmm...try asking THT and say your school email was changed


Did you use a school email ■■■■■■■? If so, you probably won't be able to get back on the account because the school probably unsubscribed your email from hopscotch...