How do I change my profile picture on this forum?


Plz help me know how I change my profile pic plz.


1. Click On Your Icon On The Header (Top Of The Website).
2. Go To Profile.
3. Then Click On Prefrences.
4. Scroll Down Until You Find The Text "Profile Picture".
5. Click On The Pencil.
6. Click On The 3rd Bubble.
7. Click On "Upload Image.
8. Find The Image You Want To Use For Your Profile Picture.
9. Hit "Save Changes"
10. Boom. Enjoy Your New Profile Picture On The Hopscotch Forums.

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Great step-by-step tutorial @HopscotchArtAndGames!

And here's a tip too @Cosmo100 people have also posted other how-tos on changing your profile picture, so just search the topic of your question up first to check them out, in case they have your answer already, before you ask :wink:


That is something we should always do. :joy:


Thanks! That really helped me!


Thanks for the tip! @t1_hopscotch


Just tap your avatar tap profile the tap preference the rest is up to you


Thx for help! @Work_kids_coding