How do I become well known on hopscotch?


I have tried and tried but no one ever seems to notice me! What can I do? How can I improve my projects so people do notice me? Please give your tips and any comments in the reply and take the time to fill out the poll.

How good are my projects on hopscotch?

Please see my profile on hopscotch: Pinkcherry38

  • :smiley: amazing
  • :smile: Great
  • :grinning: Good
  • :slight_smile: Okay
  • :upside_down: Room for much improvement
  • :neutral_face: Try harder
  • :unamused: Rubbish



Being famous isn't really that great I'm seriously not famous but I've heard it's not at good as it sounds I just think you have to work hard :blush:


Hopscotch is not about fame, it's about learning to code.
I could do a shoutout to you if you want me to.


You are still fairly new. Most Famous people have been on for more than a year! Give it some time, and make sure to learn to code as well! :smile:


Being famous doesn't matter it's about having fun!


@tankt2016 I would really appreciate that, thank you


I'm not famous! And it's OK. Your projects are amazing and so much better than mine. I need improvement. :smile:


Here it is! And you really deserved it, too, I love your projects!


Ok. First of all, @Starrycat is right. I'm not sure if I'm "Famous," but I definitely don't want to be.

Second of all, your projects are great! Your learning and improving a lot! That's awesome! Just keep working now hard and keep it up, with in no time, you'll be famous! :smiley:


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Thanks! :blush: I just realized I haven't been out of likes in a while O_o


The road to fame takes a while I'm sure. You never really know "when you're famous" I don't care about it really. I'm pretty sure I'm not famous im just kinda noticed.


Your projects are amazing!

To get noticed on hopscotch try :
β€’ Putting lots of work and effort into your projects
β€’ Create advertisements on your account to get people excited about new games
β€’ Be helpful and share your coding smarts. :P


If being famous is your goal in hopscotch, then go try! Like my goal is to make people happy on hopscotch! I'm only a little bit famous on hopscotch but I think that's because I made lots of friends. Good luck!:thumbsup:🏻


The most important first: Have fun. It doesnΒ΄t matter how famous you are, you are here to have fun.
But keep working hard and publish new projects often! I agree with @Lightningstrike: It takes time to be famous!


By the way, I feel bad about the people who responded rubbish to your your poll. I know they were just speaking their opinion, but I still feel bad. Make sure you stay smiling, no matter what those haters think! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::smiley::smiley:


I've been on since 2014 I'm not famous


Yes like I think I am famous and as well its kinda a lot of hard work!


Don't worry it's okay!


Here's what I say...
"15 seconds of fame"