How do I add maiself to the tag list? ;-;



The title says it all. I rlly want to be on the tag list, but I don't know how to put maiself on it! Someone please halp! I want to be there when someone puts a tag list in their post! Thanks! ;D


Someone plz Halp! ;-;


There should be a green notepad with a pencil on it on the top right of the post that you want to add yourself to— click that, and you should be able to add your name!


Then put your name in! (Alphabetically)


Actually, you click the three dots at the bottom and click the pencil.
If you click the notepad, you can only see the revision history.


You can still edit it from the green notepad actually


Really? Can you make that post wiki? I'll try myself.


This post is wiki

Edit this stuff

Edited by NeoPixel! Everybody HUG!

Oh well, close enough...


Do what Maltese says lol. Maltese is right lol


That's when you click the red/orange pencil actually :slight_smile:


Nope, it works the opposite way for me.
If I click the notepad, it brings me to the history, and I can't edit.
If I click the pencil, it works. :D
Is it supposed to be that way?


Maybe it's your device.


Well, I'm on a laptop right now so maybe that's why...


Thanks so much guys!
I jus added maiself! :D


Yeah, I think it's only for iPads and iPhones (or androids, or whatever your using)



both ways r right lol


Hai Enchy ;D


Could you go on my general topic so we're not off topic?


Okey! What's it called? ;0


I'll tag you in it :D