How do collabs work?


Just wondering how Hopscotch collars worked...

EDIT: I meant collabs sorry XD



Luckily I saved the day by charging the iPad mini before it died at 1%

Oh, but how is this related to hopscotch, though...


waw you a superhero!



Is this HS related?


I do not think this is ! If it carries on like this , we should call someone to close it !


Well, we could make projects about our culture, and of our culture!
And maybe get some ideas from each other...?

Anymore Suggestions?


Or let the owners of this topic make it related so they have a chance ;s


@ChocolateFox please keep your topic related to hopscotch. :)

Could you recycle this topic or make this HS related? :D


Any ideas? We don't want this closed, do we....

So many people tagging you..


We can make projects about it, a collab maybe? I didn't know we were gonna make a whole topic about it, when we were talking about it on the drawing topic it was still related bc they were more like side notes on our drawings and also I was making a comic about it, so yeah idk


lol ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

TO SS: Please don't close dis yet thinking about ideas


That sounds cool, actually!


yasssssssss ok
great idea


wait what even is a collab...


When you realize we just ruined the beginning of this topic...

dark aura surrounds


Ok great!! So, what kind of project(s)?


@VanillaAngel ?



dark aura gets bigger


It's a collaboration project, we'd all be working on a project together, we'll have to decide who makes the first draft


@VanillaAngel idk what you mean by "ruined the beginning of the topic", could you clarify?

(I accidentally typed "claim fry" instead of "clarify" oops)