How did you get your Hopscotch username?



How did you get your Hopscocth username? It could be a long, long story or a short simple story. We got ours because of a stuffed animal named tank, but that name was already taken, so we added a 't' and later we added the year!
You could create a logo for anyone that wants it!
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Here is a poll for how many times you have changed your username!

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well, I made the username, i was eating a candycane, and i needed to quickly think of a username, and the name kinda stuck!


Okay, weird, but still a story! When did you get Hopscotch?


I got hopscotch first in 2013, where i was called CodeBird, a new update logged me out, and at that time there were no passwords. So, i had to make a new account, called Candycane :lollipop: in 2014/15 When did you get HS? @tankt2016


November 2015!


I would like, but I can't ;-; , like for you <3!
I originally was Glittered Singer, didn't like that, cause I didn't sing...
So then I was Glitter Panda, I stayed like that for a while, it didn't sound mature enough for my aga, so, I used an old name, Panda Blossom! Well, technically, first it was PandaBlossom​:panda_face:, the PandaBlossom​:comet:, then PandaBlossom​:cherry_blossom:, then PandaBlossom​:notes::blush:, now it's Panda Blossom​:notes::blush:!
(That was a lot of emojis!:innocent:)




Well I support a football(soccer) team called Barnsley fc and I thought xX at the start and the end would be cool.


That is a lot of emojis! But cool story!


Cool! But I've never heard of that team.


They are English (if your American) but we just won a cup three days ago :grinning:


I am American.


I used to be called scampering olive it was a random name by hopscotch


Okay. That is a weird name!


Yeah! :sweat_smile:!
after GlitterPanda, it was GlitterPanda​:blueheart:...Lel, I'm so exact XD_


:blue_heart:! Okay that is a lot of usernames!


I came into hopscotch randomly. my username has changed too much.


oh yeah, im english, i remember that. They beat Oxford in the final didnt they @xXBARNSLEYFCXx


Yep! A lot of usernames! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


There is a poll at the top post on how many times you changed your username.