How did you get introduced to coding/Hopscotch?



Mine was from my elementry school, it was, then I was looking for the greatest coding app that I could get, then I found this app and I have been Hopscotching since March 2015! Right yours down below in a reply!!!!!!


I have heard about, I tried it out in school and I wanted to have a coding app so I decided to use hopscotch, (at the time I didn't know about scratch or khan academy or any other coding apps/websites


When it was hour of coding in December, I did a coding website for kids. It was very fun and very cool! After the hour of coding, I was very interested in coding so I searched coding on the App Store. I soon downloaded Hopscotch and it was a perfect coding game for me!


I originally was introduced to coding by the Hour of Code from Khan Academy. The next year, my school iPad had Hopscotch on it, so I was curious to what it was. When I tried it, I learned that I liked the way it was set up with the blocks instead of the typing.


I found it after it kept getting Featured on the App Store. I've recommended it to several friends.


I've always loved the game Minecraft, especially playing with mods. I found a mod called ComputerCraft that basically allows virtual, programmable computers in minecraft with a language called Lua. I really liked the mod so I learned lua, which introduced me to a whole range of different programming languages, including Hopscotch :smiley:


These are all so great!!!!!!!! I LOVE HOPSCOTCH AND EVERYONE IT!(in a friendly way0


Well, my friend told me about Scratch, so I tried it out and LOVED IT. Then, a few months later, on someone's profile, I saw someone mention hopscotch, so I looked it up on the App Store and bought it (With my moms permission, and she loves it!).


At the time, I was learning Java on Khan Academy, but it was boring. So, I was reading the magazine WIRED, and it was featuring kids educational apps. One of the featured kids educational apps in there was Hopscotch. I thought it was kind of lame. Then a few months later, I got my school iPad, and I saw Hopscotch on the MTKA Store (what we use instead of the App Store, so we don't download and play games in the middle of class.). So I was like, "Why not try it?" So I got it and I instantly fell in love with it. Now I'm a Hopscotcher that has only started last September (2015), and I'm really good! :smile::smile::smile::smile:


Was was looking around in the App Store one day for coding apps, I I found Hopscotch the best among all of it. I didn't like Pyonkee so I downloaded Hopscotch!


@comicvillestudios I've got the exact the same reason


at school we used Hopscotch but we only played the levels, we weren't allowed to publish our own projects. but i saw we could and got it at home instead. it's been my favourite app ever since


I got introduced to coding just because I wanted to learn how games work, how games are created and Create some. I was introduced to Hopscotch by looking around and finding things... I saw all these things like and stuff that you guys have said but then I looked at the App Store and it came up with Hopscotch! I loved the idea and the look, got Hopscotch and Hopscotch & Scratch have been my #1 favourite coding app ( Tynker is my second)


i wanted to use scratch on my ipad. i found hopscotch. i still use scratch, but i might quit because i am being bullied by the same person on both things.


Make another hopscotch account under a different name and don't tell anyone.
Please don't quite as you are quite talented on Hopscotch and Scratch.
You can code with Tynker. It's free to use on pc and you can download projects made with the pc onto the Tynker app on the ipad. Tynker also has allot more physics tabs than Hopscotch or Scratch and no one can bully you or send any messages on Tynker


I first was introduced to coding by a friend who showed me a coding website. (I don't remember what it was called but you had to make a monkey do things.) Anyways, then my school iPad showed that Hopscotch was a new app, so I looked at it. After doing a few tutorials, I started to make my own stuff.


gonna join after homework, which is after school. so maybe at 3:??


I got introduced to Hopscotch by searching a coding app for iPad, since I used Scratch and I wanted to code anywhere, and I got introduced to coding by searching a way to make games without any complicated coding.


When I was about Grade 3 , I went to a Programming Session and they taught us how to use Scratch . Afterwards , I started becoming more curious about coding that I would look at the App Store for coding apps and boom downloaded Hopscotch :grinning:


I was introduced to hopscotch from seeing it in The app store while I was looking for games i regretted getting it until I saw it again and thought it might not be so bad so I downloaded it and now its one of my fave apps ever :3