How did YOU find Hopscotch?



Title basically says it all. I want to know how you found Hopscotch and what you felt like when you played it.


A friend told me about it
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


School made me do it for an accelerated program


It's really a weird story.
I went on safari and typed how to make an app and it told me about hopscotch so I looked at it and I liked it. So that's how I found hopscotch.


When I got my iPad, my Dad downloaded a bunch of random apps for me.
I played all the cool games, but they all needed wifi.
One day, when I was at a place with no wifi, I realized Hopscotch was the only app that didn't need wifi to create things. I played with Hopscotch, and at first it was really confusing. It was so cool debugging and understanding the code, and I guess I got hooked into Hopscotch after that! :D


Let's seee... back when I was a human one of my freinds had it and I played it and I loved it so I downloaded it and here I am changing into animals with dark magic


On my school iPad
Only app that wasn't really explained by the title
I clicked it
And coded a bit


Found on App Store and thought it looked interesting

I was extremely confused at first but then it got better :smile::smile:


It's kinda because of school introducing the hour the code, and then I found the app hopscotch when I was looking for coding apps


I have school assignments on Hopscotch for my STEM class. I find it to be a really cool app and all but I just don't have enough time in my jam-packed day to really get into it.


School made us download it for 2 terms in tech and then I just kept it as I thought it was cool


My grandma :older_woman:🏼 was talking about coding :computer:, and she though I should try it. I downloaded Hopscotch, thought :thought_balloon: it was kool, and now here I am.


We were doing hour of code during class and my friends showed hopscotch to me


Found it on my iPad in Dec. 2013


I found it on the appstore when looking for a coding app. I downloaded a few, and deleted them all of disgust except Hopscotch, which I kept.


That made hopscotch seem a lot worse at first


Mai fren IRL introduced Hopscotch to me, she had it on her iPad.
So I downloaded it on mai iPad and had fun Hopscotchin' ;)


I went to a mall and i found and apple store (not the food lol, but the gadgets) they sell them. I tried one of their ipads and i looked at the apps they have and they also have hopscotch! The profile was JoyFullProgrammer. Then when i went home, i downloaded hopscotch on my ipad. And that's where i all began coding. And it was fun in the first time! If you see my profile Dragon Mc i'm since november but it's actually a quite long time for me on hopscotch. I'm since may 2016 actually.


Back when I was Primary 3, the school introduced us to Hopscotch. First, I thought it was just boring. Coding,'s way better to learn and read!(yes j was a nerd and a bookworm back then)
hmm...I already intoridyced you to the for part and let's do the second part!
There's like an exam about Hopscotch coding so I have to install Hopscotch on my iPad. I'm really bad at it back then. I only cose simple stuffs. After a term, the school don't use hopscotcha anymore but I still kept the app in my iPad but never used it.
Then there's a 1 month holiday and I was bored. My parents told me to learn and that's when I have an idea: I lean hopscotch in school so it's probably educational and I'm learning! So I did olau Hopscotch and ever since then I became addicted to it


I would love to do Hopscotch assignments in school!