How Did You Come Up With Your Username?


Well, one day my name was AutumnCat and now it's VanillaOwl:yellow_heart:! I came up with it by looking at CheerfulOwl's profile and was like, "WOW that girl is amazing!" And I also really like owls! I also really enjoy vanilla cake so...

Vanilla+Owl= VanillaOwl:yellow_heart:!


I came up with mine cause I really like coding on HS!


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Me? I used to be
So B it
I just say so be it a lot so now it's my name. SapphireWolf is kinda a temporary name.


it was random...
]i was just thinking of random stuff when...

(and I did not get inspiration from goat simulator)


I came up with mine princesstwilight because I love Twilight Sparkle from MLP. CoolHouseKidsQueen from the team of kids I made in our place. I'm the leader:wink:


We got our username from the fact that we ha a stuffed animal named Tank and we added the T because the initial of our last name is T!


My name appeared long ago in social media...

I was called ComicVille Studios.

In Instagram. Now I'm in a different name. Won't tell ya!


Okay, "CV" obviously means "ComicVille".

But then you be laik...


I have a passion to do art, and I mostly focus on comics. And from then on, I stuck with it...

Then, when the account update thingy came out on Hopscotch, I decided to name myself, "Comic Ville Studios".

It was too long I though, after a while.

So I renamed myself to "CV Studios".

That's how I got my name...


Oh hi CV studios! Love your scary button game


Thanks! I got scared in the making too!



Search before you post that topic was already made


This is a great topic! You always wonder how people come up with their username, and now you can find out!


3 words.




I know my reason isn't that interesting, but when I started, I didn't know you could choose your name. I would've been either RainbowMaster or RainbowCoder or DragonLover or HummingbirdHero. Surprisingly, my favorite color is not rainbow.


I just sat there a thought for a long long time :3 because I was getting tired of my username being smiley11starry


I think ive seen this topic but heres how: im Awesome i love wolves and my fav number is 18 (long story, short)


My first one was friendship2468 because that's my scratch account, then I changed it to something but I forgot it then GirlMeetsWorldFan because I like the show, then Friendship Studios because I thought is sounded professional, then (present) I became Potter Productions because I like Harry Potter and that named was voted.


My current hopscotch user heartbreaker :broken_heart: :yellow_heart: was inspired by the song 'how to be a heartbreaker'

My forum user (Happydolphin) was my hopscotch user at the time. I got it because I like happy things and dolphins :stuck_out_tongue:


Um I honestly have no idea except that my lucky number is 64


that's you???


yeah :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

sadly my ipad broke so no hs ;-;