How did the smiley draw get on Featured?



Me and about all the kids in my grade are wondering how did that smiley draw get on featured? How did something so simple and easy to do get on featured? My friend made one just like like it and it got 1 like and 2 views. I just don't understand please help.


THT probably thought that it was creative and fun!


It doesn't have to be complex to be featured, maybe the Hopscotch team wanted to try something different and featured it. It was creative and it made the person very happy about it.
We should be happy for them that their project was featured :D


Be happy for the person who made it. THT liked it and that is what matters, the person probably super duper happy right now, you just need to put yourself in their shoes, a featured project can take 5 min and still be featured.


THT probobly wanted something they hadn't done in a while, it doesn't have to be complex to be on featured, it's inspiring to new coders who can't do complex yet. Be happy for the person that made it, keep coding!- Crazy_cake


Can't like ;-; take this :heart:


Honestly, I love it! All the Smileys… A project doesn't have to be complex to be on featured. The Hopscotch team liked it, and there has not been anything like that on featured for a while. And unlike a million of the other spiral draws, it changed size, and it had blue colors! I am happy for that person! It might not be the best project in the world, but it is still good! Also, @GrizTheBear made a topic about this already. I would paste the link, but I do not know how on a computer!


can't like ;-; take this :heart: and here's the link


Thank You!

@Liza thanks for closing this. I didn't seem completely right.


Projects on featured don't have to be complex THT just think it's creative and fun. The person who made it would be so happy about it. I love it!


I agree @RubyWolf!!!


I think it was because of the cover photo! Look at it!

It appeals to the eye! Doesn't it look sweet? :smile: