How did something with 34 likes get on featured?


This project got 34 likes. And it got on featured!!!!! How is this possible??


the hopscotch team most likely liked it

so they featured it. Like dont matter on featured


Press the power and home buttons at the same time to take a screenshot.


Im on my phone and Im not one my ipad


You can also do it on iPhones.


I have an android...



But that was on Hopscotch xD


I know I was viewing hopscotch on my iPad


Oh. It looked like it was the iPhone version of Hopscotch.


Featured projects aren't up there because they have lots of likes.
My sin/cos machine only had 20 or so and it got on Featured.
Instead, it's because it's a good quality project (which is unnoticed).


Featured projects aren't featured for there like amounts, but for good code! Projects that are featured usually go on featured with not so many likes and end up with a lot. :smile:


You don't have to have any likes at all to get featured! :D

THT liked it so much that they put it on, you don't need any likes to get featured, soon it will accumulate more likes! :D


the true question is

how did it get featured twice


There are 2 copies of it on Featured?


Yeah, it's really weird...


Can I have a screenshot?


THT: WE :heart:️ IT. Um, da leikes doesn't matter


Featured isn't based on how many likes a project gets :wink: