How did smileyallysa get her Title?


How? @SmileyAlyssa has a cool title, but I thought kiwicute only changed titles to DOS related stuff (which I do support, I just didn't have my title changed!)! So, uh, how?


It is DOS related! Smile at everyone!


I think Kiwi decided it's related enough.


Ask @Kiwicute2016.

Kiwicute, can I have one? The one below?

You're unique. Be unique.

If it's too long again, how about

Everyone deserves a smile!


Oh, true! Thanks!


Im sorry but the Kiwicute said that she won't give anymore


But I already asked! :sob:

And she said it was too long.

Do I get a redo?


Hmmm I'm not sure....


I'm not kiwi cute, but I think she gave like 50 yesterday. We should give her a break :wink:


So I take that as no more titles?
Edit: Your title -_-


I guess, still kiwi's decision tho


What about my title?
The ? Stands for questioning in LGBTQ, thus related to DOS


Okay. :cry:

Too bad. :disappointed:

I really wanted one. And I asked, and it was too long, and I wasn't on at the time (I was in a museum), so I'd like another choice.


It's ok! Again, @Kiwicute2016 has the power. We should wait XD


You have a title everyone that is member that they want. The regular title ! :D


Yeah, but it's just a plain everyday one. I'd like a custom one.


It is for DOS! smile at everyone, LGBT people too!


Yup! You can have a redo!


Any way I could get one? Something like "you do you, don't change". If not, that's ok!