How did pad art get on featured?


There is a pad art project named water girl on featured, why is it there, IT IS NOT CODING.


I guess it's because of the features of the art pad, as @GysvANDRegulus said when I asked the same question in another topic.


Maybe the art is good
Or maybe the art pad is aweosme
Or something


Art is allowed to be on featured, @liza said herself


It's a very good drawing, plus it's a good art pad :)


It may not be coding but they put time into the art


Well, it is coding since the artist actually did make the art pad, and we2fd is so awesome!


THT feature all kinds of things.

Art - and thereby art pads - have been Featured before.
@iMeow's was i think.

Maybe they Featured the project because the drawing meant it had a good thumbnail – which is something they look for in Features.


It was probably a really good drawing, and why are you worrying? THT can feature what they want and you can't stop them from doing so.