How did it get flagged?!



When I got back from a restaurant, I went to hopscotch forum and saw that someone flagged my post as "inappropriate" and when I saw what post got flagged, I got really mad because first of all, all I did was respond to @friendship2468, ummm, what's so inappropriate or mean about that?! 2. I'm pretty sure the person flagged it because it mentioned church but, what's wrong with church???? That's what I was asked about! So don't blame me! : ( third of all, I'm deleting all of my posts on my Q&A project before those get flagged whatsoever!

If you're the one who flagged it, please tell me why you flagged. But if you don't tell me why you flagged it, then that goes to show that you didn't really have a reason to flag it. Please respond


Or maybe the person Flagged it to try to take away my regular badge.


I don't think they would do that!
Maybe they just thought religion wasn't appropriate to discuss there :sweat_smile:


But my religion isn't inappropriate (the reason I'm not gonna say my religion is so I don't get flagged for no good reason again)


People need to respect other people's cultures. What's so wrong talking about Church?


Ikr! I didn't even really mean to say it but someone asked me this question on my Q&A saying "do you go to church" and I was like "yes" bam it's flagged!


I don't agree with how ever flagged it. Gee, give some respect.


Also the thing that I didn't like was that it got flagged when I was offline and they should've just left a reminder


People these days..... There are 10+ posts that talk about religion but you choose to flag me...


That was me. I asked you if you went to church. I don't though and some kids at my school say I'm Jewish and I'm not. No offense to Jews though.


I wasn't the one who flagged it. In fact, I never even saw the post, but talking about church can become offensive sometimes. I'm sure you didn't mean to be.


I deleted the post before others couldn't flag it.


a person flagged my post on hopscotch memes, which closed the whole topic down. but it is back up!


And now, it's down again :sweat: