How did I affect you guys/Feedback for Sweetlina


You always wanted to tell Sweetlina some feedback or something else? Well here is the topic for it.

Well hello!

I always thought on my brain "Did I change someone's life in a good way or a bad way?"

Please give me feedback!
I would love to know what do you like or dislike about me!


  • Please NO Off Topic

  • You can be harsh!

  • Never hold back what you want to say!

Thank you guys very much!

If I invited you, I think you can give me good or bad feedback about me!


I think you're a really kind person! I can't of think on anything bad to say!


Thank you very much!
So no feedback?
You can say harsh things!
Just don't hold it back!
Anyways Thank You!


your so inspiring @Sweetlina


No feedback!
You're great!



No one ever said that to me!
Thank you very much!!!!
How did I insipre you?

Thank you very much


I thing your awesome!

Your super helpful and awesome, and a great coder too! :D
I don't get to talk to you much but I see your posts and they always make me happy :D

Keep it up!


Thank you soo much!

You dont know how much that means to me!!!!


Your welcome!

Yey! It's true!!! :D



Do you have anything I can improve on?


Your welcome!

Nope, ur all awesumness!



You are awesome too!



Thank you so much senpai ;u;


Hei Lina! Your were actually one of the first people to talk to me XD So that already makes you awesome, and you always replied to my drawings and gave requests which me makes me happy and ya :D

Your a super nice hop who is very amazing and awesome!


Thank you very sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love your drawings so of couse i wanted a request!!!! and you did amazing with it!

You think i am awesome and amazing!!!!

Thanks sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


your such a nice person


Thank you!

Anymore feedback or improvements or anything at all! :laughing:


You talked to me when everyone else hated me! You actually made me myself again!!


I love everybody!

I am happy that you are happy!

Everyone is happy!


Btw Wat is up with your profile pic :joy: