How could Cloud Variables work?



@omtl @pomtl a question I have for hopscotch, when they add cloud variables is… how would they be used?


I have no idea.

Hopscotch sux.


Wut do you guys think? @pomtl!

  • Multiplayer games!
  • Storing numbers for high scores and such!
  • Other!

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ALSO HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT! You’re a traitor to this forum and the app,


I hope they add some way of storing information as to “saving a game” so when a game is holding let’s say points, when you close the project and open it up, the variable that stored your points will be at the number from when you closed the project


I hope that too! I also have a dream of multiplayer games, and chat rooms!


Although, I don’t think they would do that sadly


If people can do it in scratch, I believe we can in hopscotch! Am I right!?


I know they can, I just don’t think they will


They will? What do you mean by that?


What is a cloud variable?


Variables stored on a online server.


@everyone! Would you like the ideas of servers, and multiplayers!


Well, it could be used for anything that you can save to the cloud. It is really hard to say exactly what - there would probably be lots of new, cool ideas and concepts if this was introduced to Hopscotch!